#TripleUpExclusive: Most successful Indie Rappers

March 30, 2021


  1. Troy Ave

This Brooklyn Rapper may be the one of the most successful independent artists of this generation. After being picked as part of the 2014 XXL Freshman Class and copping an endorsment deal with Sean Jean He has Turned down several major label deals and released his debut album "Major Without A Deal"


2. Russ

Russ was making roughly $100k a week as an independent artist.

Before signing to Columbia Records in 2017, Russ was one of the most successful indie artists, running up over 1.1 Billion streams and releasing over 9 studio albums.


3. Tech N9ne

Previously listed by Forbes Magazine for making 8 million dollars, Tech N9ne is one of the the most successful independent rappers of all time. selling over two million albums and his music being featured in movies, TV and video games, Tech N9ne made the 3rd biggest payout from tours in 2011 behind Jay Z and Kanye West. with a cult - like following he has dropped 30 albums and created his own sub-label Strange Music Inc.


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