#TripleUpExclusive: Clairmont The Second Debuts On College Radio Unweighted Chart

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


College radio has recently been kind to rapper Clairmont The Second. His fifth album, “It’s Not How It Sounds,” debuted on College Radio Charts’ unweighted chart for the week of June 2, 2021. This news comes over 10 months after the album was first released. Charting at #390, “It’s Not How It Sounds” is among the top self-released hip-hop albums. When tracking only self-released albums of all genres, Clairmont The Second’s album comes in at #66 out of 203.

“It’s Not How It Sounds” features nine tracks, including two songs with more than half a million streams on Spotify: “Bent” and “Dream.” His music is featured on four different playlists curated by Spotify, all of which are noted on his artist page. While “It’s Not How It Sounds” is his most recent album, Clairmont The Second has continued to release singles in 2021.


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